Michelle Dunne

Psychotherapist & Clinical Psychologist
B App.Sc (Psych); PGrad Dip Psych; M Psych


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Across 28 years of practice I have explored, and undertaken training in a variety of approaches used in psychology. I prefer to work psychotherapeutically, and  I use mindfulness, which has some overlap with CBT.

Works best for people who have a capacity for insight. It also helps to be able to tolerate some confusion while connections are being made.

For example, the recognition of similarity between the learnings of childhood, and current life experiences or patterns, that includes relationship patterns.

The knowledge and insight gained from therapy has a ripple effect on the individual and other’s in their life.

Self-Care, meditation and exercise

The physical is not separate from the emotional and psychological. I encourage clients in self care, such as exercise, breathing, relaxation, eating well. In session I can work with you to learn deep relaxation, and to use breathing exercises to manage anxiety  symptoms.

Eye Movement, Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR provides relief from symptoms for people who are experiencing a range of symptoms, anxiety (tingling, dizziness, hot & perspiring etc), flash back, phobia, avoidance of certain places or situations.

I use EMDR when people find that traumatic incident has become stuck. E.g. it may seem like it just happened yesterday, even though it may have occurred months or years ago.