Information - GP Mental Health Care Plan

Michelle Dunne

Clinical Psychologist
B App.Sc (Psych); PGrad Dip Psych; M Psych

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Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP): To avail of psychological services under a MHCP you must be assessed by your general practitioner or psychiatrist to make sure that you are eligible. If so, your GP will provide you with the MHCP (Item 2715), which provides for six sessions that are claimable from Medicare, (current Medicare rebate is $124.50). 

A further four sessions can be sought after you have obtained another referral from your referring practitioner. That referral (Dr’s item number 2712) will allow you to claim a further four sessions with a Medicare rebate. 

MHCP’s are current for one year, from January to December. You will need to obtain a new referral at the beginning of each year.

Please note: it is necessary for you to keep track of how many sessions you have used to avoid confusion and to plan for the cessation of the Medicare rebate. Should your MHCP expire you will be responsible for the full cost of the session.

If you have concerns or wish to discuss the process of obtaining a referral please feel free to contact me directly.

Private Health Insurance:  You may be able to use your private health insurance if you have ancillary cover for psychological services. You are advised to check with your Private Health Insurer before hand.

Purpose of psychological services

If you are accessing services with the intent to use my expertise later in court, or as an assessment of mental health for insurance, please make this known to me when the initial appointment is booked. I do not generally provide any forensic assessments. 


Your permission to release information to your General Practitioner, or psychiatrist, or other person who is involved in your health care is sought at the outset of treatment. When you attend under a MHCP regular updates are required to be sent to your referring practitioner. 

All personal information that is gathered in your consultations will remain confidential and secure except where:

1.It is subpoenaed by a court, or

2.Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk; or

3.Your prior approval has been obtained to

a.Provide a written report to another professional or agency. eg. a GP or a lawyer; or

b.Discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent/guardian or employer; insurer; where disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.

 Confidentiality of notes:

I do not provide access to my notes. Requests from third parties for information on your mental health status, such a health insurers, or risk cover insurance, or for court will be refused, unless it was clearly a part of the initial service contract with me.

Be aware that the notes I keep of our sessions are written for my own use, and for clinical reflection. Should you decide at a later time that you wish to use those notes to assist you in any matter, they may not prove to be beneficial to your case.


Where clients are referred on a Mental Health Care Plan by their GP I provide progress reports to their GP at no extra cost to the client.  Reports for other issues such as family law, criminal injuries, and court assessments cannot be provided under a Mental Health Care Plan.

If you think that you will need professional reports or assessments it is necessary to raise this early in our work so that arrangements can be made to separate issues, services, and charges.


Limits of Confidentiality 

Information may be disclosed without your consent when:

* The client is at risk to themselves or others, 

* There is a legal obligation or if expressly required to do so by Law.

It is wise to clarify confidentiality issues at, or prior to, the first session if you have any concerns.

Workers Compensation the arrangements will need to be discussed with the Insurer at or around the time of the first session to ensure they have accepted the claim, and agreed to pay for psychological services.


The cost of a 50 minute consultation is $267.00 unless otherwise negotiated with me, and is payable at each session. For my full fee structure refer to the Fees page.


Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24 hours’ notice of cancellation, or a 50% fee plus GST will be charged.

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