Michelle Dunne

Psychotherapist and Clinical Psychologist
B App.Sc (Psych); PGrad Dip Psych; M Psych

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I am a Registered Psychologist Endorsed in Clinical psychology with the Psychology Board of Australia. (Provider No: PSY0001577945) I adhere to the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Conduct.

I am committed to providing the highest levels of confidentiality and service.  This includes protecting your privacy.  Any personal details collected about you will be treated in confidence. The information is stored securely, although there are exceptions to the limits of confidentiality (see below), ordinarily the information will not be disclosed to a third party without your permission, except in the case of EAP referrals.

  1. 1.Record keeping and release of information

    Records are maintained on all clients in keeping with the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Conduct. The records will be kept for seven years. I do not release the confidential notes to clients, or others unless required to do so by law. I will write a summary of issues when requested, and that may incur an additional charge.

2. Permission to release information.

Permission to release information is sought from clients when there is a need. For example, when referred by a GP regular written updates are submitted to the GP, the cost of which is included in the session fee.


3. Limits of Confidentiality 
Information may be disclosed without the consent of the client when:
        The client is at risk to themselves or others.

        There is a legal obligation, or if expressly required to do so by Law.

It is wise to clarify confidentiality issues at, or prior to, the first session if you have any concerns. There is a comprehensive document available to download in the resources section of this site.