I have listed services that are commonly required - please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs:

Individual therapy

Group therapy

Supervision for therapists who would like to gain more knowledge and understanding in analytical or psycho-analytic approaches

Supervision for psychologists and social workers interested in learning more about trauma, and trauma and attachment

Group supervision

Group de-briefing sessions for workplaces


I provide one to one therapy for a range of problems and issues, and the list below is an outline:

                Workplace bullying


                complex grief

                Trauma including complex trauma that stem from childhood or adult

                Anxiety problems of all types including:

                     phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

                     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

                     performance anxiety

                Complex grief that occurs with:

                    Sudden death or suicide or with

                    Divorce or separation from children

                    Loss of contact with adult children and grandchildren


I like to speak with people before they attend to ensure I can offer the best service, or I can re-direct people to another service that would better suit their needs.