M D Psychology

Privacy & Document Security

I am a Registered Psychologist Endorsed in Clinical psychology with the Psychology Board of Australia. (Provider No: PSY0001577945) I am a member of the Australian Psychological Society and adhere to the APS Code of Conduct.

I am committed to providing the highest standard of confidentiality and service possible as a sole provider.  When you book an appointment  & at your initial appointment I will provide a detailed explanation on  how I store your information. However, your confidential notes are not stored digitally, they are handwritten on paper and stored in a locked cabinet accessible only by me. Although no digital storage is made of your notes, there cannot be a 100% guarantee of security of these paper notes.

If referred by your General Practioner on a GP Mental Health Care Plan (GP MHCP) and the Medicare Rebate is sought by you, I am required to send regular updates to your referring practitioner. I gain your permission to release information to your GP, or other medical practitioner that you may request. Wherever possible that information is sent via an encrypted fax using Australian based servers.


 As required by Legislation records are kept for seven years, and then destroyed. I do not release the confidential notes to clients, or others unless required to do so by law. I will write a summary of issues when requested, which may incur an additional charge.

 There are limits to confidentiality that must be adhered to and they are:

a) The client is at risk to themselves or others.

b) There is a legal obligation, or if expressly required to do so by Law.

I appreciate your interest in the confidentiality and information security and it is wise to clarify confidentiality. Those issues will be explained when booking your appointment and at the initial appointment.